My Golden Puppy

The Golden Retriever You Always Dreamed Of !

Your Summer time (and Forever) Companion
Is Waiting For You !

Gaston is handsome like his father, Winston,
and smart like his mother, Skye.
The perfect combination.

Born on August 15, 2018 he is not quite one-year old,
actually just a big puppy!

As you can see by his photos, Gaston, is a very happy boy.

Gaston is 100% Golden Retriever,
perfect skin and coat, with no scars or hot spots!

Gaston is whole, he has not been neutered.

Of course, he is housebroken and has a great appetite.
Gaston is not a chewer as some GR's can be.

Gaston is NOT a "Lap" dog. He wants to be with you
as you run, hike, surf, swim, or take a walk.
Gaston will spend the night in a crate
but he will not be happy about it!
He needs to be with someone with a lot of time to spend with him.

I am going to be very particular with whom I trust to love Gaston,
so please be prepared to tell me about yourself and
where and how Gaston would be living with you.

Gaston, and his mom and dad are with me in Fallbrook,
you are welcome to stop by and play with him!.

There will be a fee of $950
and is non-negotiable and is payable in cash only.
A receipt and written contract will be given.

Your purchase is completely risk-free. You will have 15 days
to take Gaston to your own vet for a complete examination.
If any problem is discovered, just return Gaston for a 100% full refund.

References are available for a serious buyer.

You can reply by e-mail to:
or by text to: 760.518.5340

If you don't mind a dose of reality
please read the following:

I should not have to write this. I am not a negative person,
and quite the contrary, I have a very positive outlook on life.

However, you do not need to be on Craigslist very long to
realize there are some deceptive, dishonest, and actually
disgusting people who advertise there to take advantage
of unsuspecting people especially when it comes to the sale
of dogs and puppies.

There have been many more than a few cases where a buyer
has paid many, many, many hundreds and even thousands
of dollars for a puppy with "papers" only to learn that the
"papers" were fake, the puppy was ill, and in the worse cases
the puppy died soon with the seller nowhere in sight.

Even the AKC admits the papers have nothing to do with the
health of a puppy, only the ancestry, and there are so many
fake documents out there that it is virtually meaningless.

Ever wonder why there are no photos of the puppies nursing
in the listing? That is because the puppies are brought in from
puppy mills back east. Yes, there may be an adult male and
female on the premises, however they are not the parents.

Of course, photos can be stolen and doctored, this has happened
to many of mine and there is no way to stop it.

When I say that these puppies were conceived, carried, and born
in Fallbrook, and I give you the name of the Fallbrook vet who
has cared for both the parents and two litters of puppies, then
it is the verifiable truth!

All I am saying is: